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Making Sense of Digital Transformation How to determine if it’s right for your business

Eric Baryol

Eric Baryol

Fanatical about improving business processes to fuel growth

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Eric has always seen that technology was an excellent opportunity for small and medium businesses to stand out by offering better client experience.

However, he realized that implementing technologies without focusing on the business, processes, and people only led to frustration, wasted money, and a lack of results.

He wanted to change this and make this an opportunity for businesses to get a competitive edge. He has not only just building a “business first, technology second” IT service company, but he co-founded the Digital Maturity Group to expand the mission from his local area to a worldwide initiative.

His vision is to make ordinary people extraordinary by applying well-crafted processes automated by technologies. He is leading the primary business process-related research & development initiatives in Digital Maturity Group.

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